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Origami paper Lamp

Origami lamp.

It’s made with multiple origami models:

1. 2 x origami pentagonal box
2. 1 x red origami rose
3. some origami swirls and stripes

Non origami pieces:
string + candle

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Wet Folding Origami

Wet Folding Origami

Maybe some of you have heard of some origami models that need to be wet folded. This is what it means.

Wet folding origami is a relatively new way of folding paper. It was developed by origami master Akira Yoshizawa and it involves moistening the paper before you fold it. The resulting model has a softer, textured look with gentle curving lines.

Wet folding origami is not difficult, but it does take practice. Here are some tips for success.

  1. Practice folding the model the regular (dry) way before trying it wet. You need to be very familiar with the folding sequence because you will need to fold quickly when the paper is wet.
  2. Use a spray bottle or a wet cloth to moisten the paper so that it is damp. The paper should not be dripping wet. Having the right amount of water is crucial – this will take a bit of trial and error.
  3. Fold the model quickly with a sure hand. Press down with fingertips, not with fingernails. Avoid folding, unfolding, and refolding: this will cause the paper to tear or fray.
  4. Allow the model to dry completely. Avoid handling and repositioning the model to make it better. Just let it dry. If the model unravels before it dries, use devices (such as elastic bands or clothespins) to preserve the model’s shape.
  5. Repeat with different types of paper until you get the look you desire. In general, thick paper, such as elephant hide, works best.

Once you’ve wet folded an origami model, you will find that the ‘look’ of your model comes from molding the paper. After a while, one must wonder if this is still paper folding or is it paper sculpturing. This is particularly true with models where there is little folding and much molding.

Wet Folding Links

Gilad Web Site: Who’s Afraid of Wet Folding?
Wikipedia’s article on Wet Folding Origami
British Origami Society: Wet Folding

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