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Sprucing up a kusudama ball

Ilyere here, with a informative (?) and long (sorry) post about kusudamas. A foreword though, the word kusudama is commonly associated with the flower, and a kusudama ball with the modular that arises from gluing flowers together. However, a kusudama translates literally as (薬玉; lit. medicine ball), so the term ‘kusudama ball’ is rather redundant. Oh well, the more you know!

If you’ve never made a kusudama before, I did a tutorial on how to make a single flower ages ago, although it was done in an older format. Anyway, here’s some tips to make your average kusudama stand out.

Firstly, what kind of paper do I use? Well, any sort of paper is okay. Patterned paper such as the scrapbooking kind works especially well. If you want to mix colours and patterns together, go for two, or six kinds, that way you can keep the symmetry of the ball. If you don’t care about symmetry, well that’s fine too! Go crazy with the patterns if you like it.

Secondly, decorate your unit. You can use superglue to stick buttons to the centre of your kusudama units to cover the gap in the middle and give it a little appeal. Use any kind of button you want, be it large, neon-coloured, or even pearls! The other option I’ve seen is to insert a quilled flower in the middle of the unit.

Thirdly, string the kusudama with anything you like, as long as it stays in place. Popular choices are twine and ribbon. Thread is okay, but you will need lots of threads bundled together to make it hold up okay. Double knot the top to make a loop to hang the kusudama, if you want.

Lastly, decorate the string so that there is something dangling off the end. Usually beads do the trick. You can also add cranes, or even more kusudama units!

That’s all from me now, hope this inspires you to add a bit of creativity to your work. =)


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Origami Moonstone Rose (Week 2 – Flowers)

I thought to make something special from origami today 🙂
It’s a yellow rose (rose by James Minoru Sakoda) topped with a few paper ribbons. The interior of the flower contains 8 moonstone gems and 4 red round metallic plates. All of these are glued on a hair clip and it is ready to be worn on a bright and sunny day of spring 😀

origami moonstone rose

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3D Origami Collection

130_0286 - Copy


As you all can see there is a lot of origami projects in the picture above. This type of origami is called 3D Origami (3DO for short). I have been doing it for a while now and I thought it’s about time that I had shared something with you all.


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Video tutorial – Making a 3D origami moogle

Ilyere here! Is anyone here a fan of 3D origami? It’s a type of origami where you fold paper into triangular units and stack them to create 3D models. Once you learn the basics, you can begin to create your own models, which is what I’m about to show you.

I finished this tutorial yesterday for an 3D origami moogle (any Final Fantasy fans here?) which is pretty much a basic model with added bells and whistles. If you like what you see in the picture below, then click me to see the video! ^_^


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Origami Long tailed bird (Week 1 – Birds)

The “long tailed bird” by Diaz. It can be found in his book OrigamiEssence.

week 1 - Long tailed bird

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Papercraft Budgie (Week 1 – Birds) + Tutorial (link)

This is my first entry for the Weekly Challenge.
It’s a simple papercraft budgie that I assembled after a model of the Internet and than placed near my real budgie.
He seems quite interested in the new paper bird but is at the moment a little shy to approach it. Soon, I hope to see him play with his new paper friend. If he does I will take a quick picture and upload it here 😀

The model can be found here:

Budgie 1


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Origami / Papercraft WEEKLY CHALLENGE!

Starting today I’m going to start a weekly papercraft or origami or kirigami challenge… WHATEVER as long as it’s made from paper!
Each few days I’m going to make a crafty craft depending on the theme of the week. (minimum 2 models per week).

I’m going to list the Themes for the next 10 of weeks: (with a possible extension for another couple of weeks depending on suggestions)

Week 1 (11-17 March 2013) – Birds
Week 2 (18-24 March 2013) – Flowers
Week 3 (25-31 March 2013) – Boxes
Week 4 (1-7 April 2013) – Fish
Week 5 (8-14 April 2013) – Creepy crawlers (spiders, scorpions etc)
Week 6 (15-21 April 2013) – Hearts
Week 7 (22-28 April 2013) – Rodents (bunny, mouse etc)
Week 8 (29 April – 5 May 2013) – Butterflies
Week 9 (6-12 May 2013) – Dogs
Week 10 (13-19 May 2013) – Cats

I’m open to suggestions for other weeks
Wish me luck!

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One Piece – Going Merry ( Papercraft)

One Piece – Going Merry ( Papercraft)

God I love this pirate ship!
Took a long time to complete … a looong time.
I so happy with how it turned out!

Going Merry 3

Going Merry 5

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Western dragon

A very hard fold, I improvized on the head because the diagrams were jibberish at that point.
western dragon

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